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Serban Huidu

Serban Huidu was born on July 16, 1976 in Bucharest, Romania. He is a famous romanian radio and television personality.

Biography and Career :

Serban Huidu proved even as a child that his destiny is to be in the show biz and television life. He discovered his passion for mass-media during his voluntary stage for a radio channel in Romania.

He is a self-confident person and one could hardly contradict him.

Serban Huidu can't stand foolishness and stupidity and that's why in his TV Show on Prima TV named "Cronica Carcotasilor", together with his friend Gainusa, they laugh at other people's mistakes.

In his spare time he likes to sleep and travel at the mountains.

He thinks celebrity is a disadvanta ge for stars because you cannot walk unnoticed on the streets and you can't have a private life anymore.

His favorite football team is Universitatea Craiova and when he goes to their matches he wears their colors : white and blue.

Serban Huidu's hobbies are : football, basketball, cars and traveling.

His big wish is a house and a family who love the way he is.

He owns a Radio Show with his friend Gainusa on Kiss FM : " Huidu si Gainusa" each morning from 7 to 10.

Trivia :

- He has 2 brothers : Vlad and Matei.
- His wife's name is Cristina.
- His idol is Howard Stern.
- Serban Huidu's favorite flowers are tulips.
- He likes Hard-Rock music and his favorite band is AC/DC.
- Diamonds are his favorite jewelry.
- He prefers Caragiale and Umberto Eco as writers.

Lucian Mandruta

Lucian Mandruta was born on September 15, 1967 in Romania. He is a famous Romanian TV presenter.

Biography and Career :

Lucian Mandruta studied at Mihai Viteazu High-School from Bucharest between 1982 - 1986 and while in high-school he discovered he doensn't like Maths. He had a big passion for poems and for journalism.

In 1989 he attended the Faculty of Hydrotechnics (ICB) from Bucharest and after the Revolution from Romania in 1989 he joined The Students League.

In 1991 he got a colaboration with SOTI where he was a presenter.

When he ended his colaboration with SOTI he received offers from Adrian Sirbu to join Pro TV

In 1994 together with Mihai Tatulici and others Lucian Mandruta formed Tele 7 Abc.

In 1995 he started a colaboration with Pro Tv where his role was a news editor.

In 1999 Lucian Mandruta started again to study at The University of Bucharest (FJSC).

In 2003 he received his best job ever and that was in colaboration with Antena 1. His role was to present the Observator - the daily most important news show.

Trivia :

- He studied management in United States
- Hosted TV News for SOTI and also Chestiunea Zilei
- In 2000 he started to colaborate with Ziarul Financiar.
- He loves Dacia Automobile
- He likes to spend his weekends at his grandparents' house from Arges
- Has 3 children
- He doensn't like at all to live his country even for a few days.
- His favourite designer is the one who made his first jeans.

Dan Negru

Dan Negru was born on Fenruary 23, 1971 in Romania. He is a famous TV presenter.

Biography and Career :

Dan Negru studied Economics High-School and after that Law Faculty and Journalistic in Timisoara.

He started his career working for Radio-TVR in Timisoara.

He says about himself he has a lot of shortcomings and many of them are necessary, a man without any shortcomings is like Superman.

Sometimes I realize that I've already made a lot of beautiful things and when life is full of wonderful things you wonder if there's a trick somewhere.

Dan Negru loves cars and movies and has a big passion for watches.

He is a big watches collector and started by receiving an old Russian Pobeda from his grandma.

Dan Negru hosted the following TV shows:

- Ziua Judec atii
- Chao Darwin
- Academia Vedetelor
- Saint-Tropez Games

Quotes :

- I've had a lot of idols in my life, as you grow up you discover a lot of other interesting people
- His biggest wish is to live the moment when Tom eats Jerry

Trivia :

- He loves dogs and owns a german shepherd named Ghita.
- He is a loyal man
- Detests hypocritical persons
- Loves his natal town Timisoara
- Wanted to be a driver
- Loves children
- His favourite music bands: Akcent , Depeche Mode and Sistem
- His wife name is Codruta
- His favourite Romanian singers are : Luminita Anghel , Andra , Ruslana

Catalin Maruta

Catalin Maruta was born in Targu Jiu, Romania. He is a famous Romanian host for TVR and Pro tv.

Biography and Career :

Catalin Maruta left Tg, Jiu to study The Faculty of Law, like his father did. While studying he started to collaborate with a radio station because he needed money and wanted no more help from his parents.

He started to like his job at the radio and he focused all his energy when started to work for TV Super Nova and then for TVR. His first show was Trupa DP 2 on TVR 2.

While working in the media industry, Catalin Maruta started to study Jurnalistics in Bucharest.

He says he's going to marry when he will know for sure it'll be the first and the last time in his life when he does it.

Quotes :

- If you'd like a short personal description I'd say tha t I'm an opened minded and
I like to be fair with everyone even if this could put somebody to inconvenience

- I remember when I could help some people that has suffered a disaster in a village from Teleorman.

Trivia :

- Hosted the national selections for Eurovision 2006 together with Luminita Anghel
- Has sexy lips
- Was the entertainer for Caravana TVR 50 in Timisoara, Craiova, Iasi, Cluj
- Likes to collect things : stars, watches and caps
- He loves animals and used to have a cat named : Oscar
- Height: 1,80 m
- Weight: 78 kg
- Eyes color : brown
- Favourite artists : Vama Veche, Directia 5, Voltaj, Antract
- Hobbies : equitation, Formula 1, karting
- Likes to wear sport clothes
- Favourite writers : Cartarescu, Teodoreanu, Arghezi, Mircea Dinescu
- His father has a big influence on him.

Mirabela Dauer

Mirabela Dauer (real name Bela Scortaru) born on July 9, 1947 in Romania. She is a famous Romanian singer.

Biography and Career :

In 1963 she makes her début as a singer in the band Rosu si Negru. They mostly sang remakes of Rita Pavones tunes, her idol. At the age of 17, the head master caught her singing in a restaurant and she was expelled. Finally, she was reaccepted, and after finishing highschool, at 18 years old she got married with her firts husband, Mircea Dauer.In 1967 she starts going to the School of popular Arts, under the guiding of the teacher Florica Orascu. There she meets Marius Teicu and Marius Popp.

In 1970 she has her first appearance on tv, at the show "Tele Top", where she sings "De cand te am cunoscut", composed by Marius Teicu. She then becomes a f amiliar face on TV.

In that same year she is awarded a special prize from the journey at the Mamaia Festival.One year later, in 1971 she earns first prize at the same festival.
In 1974 she started a series of colaborations with the Polish television. She appeared in various shows on TV in Varsov, Katovive or Krakovia. In Poland, she sings with the band NO-TO-CO.

In 1975 she wins first prize at a Moscow festival, "Friends tunes", and in 1976 she gets 3rd prize at a festival in Bulgary, "The golden Orphy".

During the years she won many more awards, and in 2002 she is awarded a diploma from The ministry of Culture, at the gala "A day among stars".

Quotes :

- " I've never gave up. I love my music, and, in order to sing I have sacrificed all my wishes."
- " I don t know how to do anything, unless sing."

Discography :

Voi canta (1980)
Taina noptii (1982)
În zori (1984)
Morarita (1985)
De ce nu-mi spui ca ma iubesti (1985)
Dimineti cu ferestre deschise (1986)
Esti visul meu (1986)
Te-astept sa vii (1987)
De dragul tau (1988)
Revino (1989)
Nopti albe de dor (1990)
Mirabela si Romanticii '90 (1991)
Daca nu te-as iubi (1992)
E bine, e bine, e foarte bine (1992)
Te iubesc, iubirea mea (1993)
Tu (1994)
Esti barbatul altei femei (1995)
Best of (1995)
Nu te parasesc iubire (1996)
Plânge un artist (cu Catalin Crisan, 1997)
Iubiri ce mor in zori (2003)

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