Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lucian Mandruta

Lucian Mandruta was born on September 15, 1967 in Romania. He is a famous Romanian TV presenter.

Biography and Career :

Lucian Mandruta studied at Mihai Viteazu High-School from Bucharest between 1982 - 1986 and while in high-school he discovered he doensn't like Maths. He had a big passion for poems and for journalism.

In 1989 he attended the Faculty of Hydrotechnics (ICB) from Bucharest and after the Revolution from Romania in 1989 he joined The Students League.

In 1991 he got a colaboration with SOTI where he was a presenter.

When he ended his colaboration with SOTI he received offers from Adrian Sirbu to join Pro TV

In 1994 together with Mihai Tatulici and others Lucian Mandruta formed Tele 7 Abc.

In 1995 he started a colaboration with Pro Tv where his role was a news editor.

In 1999 Lucian Mandruta started again to study at The University of Bucharest (FJSC).

In 2003 he received his best job ever and that was in colaboration with Antena 1. His role was to present the Observator - the daily most important news show.

Trivia :

- He studied management in United States
- Hosted TV News for SOTI and also Chestiunea Zilei
- In 2000 he started to colaborate with Ziarul Financiar.
- He loves Dacia Automobile
- He likes to spend his weekends at his grandparents' house from Arges
- Has 3 children
- He doensn't like at all to live his country even for a few days.
- His favourite designer is the one who made his first jeans.

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