Thursday, June 18, 2009

Catalin Maruta

Catalin Maruta was born in Targu Jiu, Romania. He is a famous Romanian host for TVR and Pro tv.

Biography and Career :

Catalin Maruta left Tg, Jiu to study The Faculty of Law, like his father did. While studying he started to collaborate with a radio station because he needed money and wanted no more help from his parents.

He started to like his job at the radio and he focused all his energy when started to work for TV Super Nova and then for TVR. His first show was Trupa DP 2 on TVR 2.

While working in the media industry, Catalin Maruta started to study Jurnalistics in Bucharest.

He says he's going to marry when he will know for sure it'll be the first and the last time in his life when he does it.

Quotes :

- If you'd like a short personal description I'd say tha t I'm an opened minded and
I like to be fair with everyone even if this could put somebody to inconvenience

- I remember when I could help some people that has suffered a disaster in a village from Teleorman.

Trivia :

- Hosted the national selections for Eurovision 2006 together with Luminita Anghel
- Has sexy lips
- Was the entertainer for Caravana TVR 50 in Timisoara, Craiova, Iasi, Cluj
- Likes to collect things : stars, watches and caps
- He loves animals and used to have a cat named : Oscar
- Height: 1,80 m
- Weight: 78 kg
- Eyes color : brown
- Favourite artists : Vama Veche, Directia 5, Voltaj, Antract
- Hobbies : equitation, Formula 1, karting
- Likes to wear sport clothes
- Favourite writers : Cartarescu, Teodoreanu, Arghezi, Mircea Dinescu
- His father has a big influence on him.

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