Friday, August 7, 2009

Naomi and Ramona Badescu, on stage at Mamaia

At the 39 th edition, the Festival feels Mamaia in turn crisis.

With a budget less than 20% percent from the previous year, to 1,760,000 Lei Event that follow take place during August 17-23 does, however, discount theawards and their guests and the public expects in a cosmetizat in Tannery Park in Constanta, which has hosted this event in 1999.

With new clothes, the show this year's anniversary stands under the sign of 2000 years of exile, the tip Euxin, the poet Ovidiu. A festival without scandals last year to invite friends before, such as Ramona Badescu, and names that do honor the Romanian scene, as Olimpia Panciu, are just some of the surprises revealed by the organizers.

Novelty Edition "Mamaia 2009" Interpretation is the section where all finalists will be required to submit to the last confrontation with another piece than that with which they competed.

The jury this year was a particularly difficult mission, because as said chairman Mădălin Voicu, at the 2009 edition will show that English music begins to depart from the more than kitsch is in a corner recent years, and "those who write music to us become more professional."

About professionalism and rigor with which they were tested candidates speak Corina Chiriac, which, along with Mădălin Voicu, Viorel Gavrila, composed of "triumviratul "for sifting the wheat cockle. Optimistic on this year's edition, although it can not fire to fire, Corina Chiriac ensure that he chose the best competitors. Among them are, for the second time, the controversial transsexual Florin Moldovan, Naomi alias. If the sexual occupations were always the subject of controversy, few were those who denied his interpretative abilities.

Among  trophy at the 2009 edition include Naomi, whose opportunities in competition
are equal to those of contracandidaţilor. View this year's President Mădălin Voicu, it is more "quietly" than the previous edition. He openly acknowledges qualities Naomi's voice, but says that assumes the right not to comment about his private life and the scandals that he caused last time.

Naomi got  the most powerful applause from the public, but not qualified for an award
Interpretation of section. Without trying to discourage him and this year, the same section, after having convinced the jury, the pre, with pieces "Salcia" and "A player rushed. "

According to Cristian Zgabercea Director Directorate of culture Constanta County Council, every night of the festival will mark the celebration when his presence Ovidiu shore dobrogean recitals by artists supported by the Romanian and the Italian brand. Thus, on August 20, will play Corina Chiriac and Italian Erminio, 21 evening will be completed by Nicola and his guests, Distincto Adrian Romcescu and Ladyes and Francesco Napoli, and the final of August 22, Ramona Bădescu and call its , Millennium and Rafaelo di Pietro.

Gala winners will end in the groove of samba school dancers Brazilian names hard to remember, "Cultural Social Gremio Recreativo Escola de Samba Vai-Vai, to delight in Mamaia for tourists by the mayor of Constanta, Radu Pea.

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