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Climbing is an activity where team work is essential. Practicing climbing requires communication between the members of the team. Both the trust in your partner, as well as your own strengths increase at the same time.The activities include mountaineering, climbing techniques and single rope techniques. Climbing can be practiced both on natural or articial routes. The most used techniques are: climbing, tyrolean, rappelling, ascending the rope or the cable ladder.Some of the climbing areas are: Cheile Turzii, Vadul Crisului, Suncuius, Zarnesti, Cheile Bicazului, Sinaia etc.
The activities of mountain-biking are used for a small route - part of different orientation programs or for a mountain route.
Savage mountain routes crossed safely with special vehicle.GPS Orientation and compassUsing a GPS, a compass and a map you have to navigate a track and use different means of transportation: mountain-bike, boats or a kayak.
Flying will be executed in tandem: trainer and client. All our trainers are licensed and experienced.
Skiing is only one of the many white sports we recommend. The successful completion of the route shows the way in which the members of the team are coordinated.
Rafting: Water sportsBoats: lake crossing with boat convoy.
Kaiak: Western Mountains area offers spectacular routes, mainly in the spring time.
Canyoning: For those who enjoy more excitement, we recommend canyoning. For a safety crossing it is compulsory that you have strong knowledge of climbing, caving and swimming. It is vital to be guided by experienced trainers.In Romania you can culty level such as Bistrita, CrisulRepede, Nera as well as rivers withdif culty: Jiul, for example.For optimal conditions ina high lever of dif practicing rafting it is necessary that the rivers have high levels of water
Romanian caves are well known all over the world for the richness and gorgeousness of the limestone formation. Because of their special value many caves are strictly protected. In the eco-tourism programs we initiated, we can offer you the opportunity of visiting some of these natural beauties.
In this program you have to spend a day or two in the middle of the nowhere, far away of civilisation and use the environment to your advantage.
Paintball: Teambuilding and Therapy
Paintball is a very good way of strengthening the ties between colleagues in the same company or department.One has the possibility to organize paintball games in Romania, and act out different scenarios in different environment like wildness or specially designed buildings (an ex-prison, a simple wall etc.) killtheenemycaptain,andmany others.The scenarios can include antiterrorist action, capture the Corporate enterprises have a tradition of offering such vacations to their employees in Romania and the accommodation possibilities are at a high standard and no further than 100 miles from Bucharest.

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