Friday, April 24, 2009

Romanian Fashion

Never mind what the poll numbers say (our survey ranked Bucharest among the least stylish cities in Europe ). In fact, Bucharest has its own thriving fashion scene. Romania has a long design tradition dating to the interwar period, though much of it was destroyed under communism. Now, with the country's economy growing rapidly as a result of European Union membership and more of its citizens able to afford the latest styles, a small group of young designers, many trained abroad, are trying to put Bucharest back on the fashion map. Despite Bucharest's poor fashion reputation, Romanian women can take their fashion seriously. "Romanian women have an obsession for 'trendy,' for brands," says Alin Galatescu, fashion analyst, instructor and director of Avanpremiere Concept, one of the city's big annual fashion events. The same can't be said of Romanian men. Outside of the standard-issue suits worn by bankers and lawyers, most men on the street prefer the "bodyguard" style: jeans, T-shirts, buzz haircuts, sneakers, mobile phones and sunglasses (day or night).

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