Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mihaela Radulescu

Mihaela Radulescu was born in Piatra Neamt, Romania. She is a famous Romanian TV hostess.

Biography and Career :

When she was born her parents were still students and later they became teachers. Mihaela Radulescu and her brother Florin were raised by their grandparents.

In her primary classes she was a model for the rest of her classmates having very good results at school.

Mihaela Radulescu attended 3 Faculties : "I.E.F.S" ; "Psichology Faculty"; "Filology Faculty" but she didn't graduate any of them.

She started to be an independent girl since 18 years old and she helped her family everytime she could.

One of her most important achievement is buying a new house for her parents.

Mihaela Radulescu started her career as soon as she moved to Bucharest and she had a very hard time until she became succesful.

Mihaela Radulescu got involved in the Television Biz in 1994 having a colaboration with Tele 7 ABC. After Tele 7 ABC she worked for : Antena 1, ProTV and B1 TV.

She has changed a lot of cars : Oltcit, Dacia, an old 14 years old VW Gol, a very old Nissan Patrol, a second-hand Ford Mondeo, a brand new Ford Mondeo, a brand new Porsche Boxster S, a brand new Bmw X5 and finally a brand new Porsche Cayenne Turbo.

Trivia :

- She practised gymnastics for 10 years in Piatra Neamt;
- She loves dogs;
- Worked as a taxi driver while in college;
- Is a gymnastic atested instructor;

Awards :

- She was the first Romanian journalist who emited live for a television the Oscar Grammies (Pro TV 1998);
- She is the first woman who parachuted from 3000 metres altitude live on TV;
- Took the first underwater interview live in Romania;
- Is the first Romanian star who became a lengerie trade mark for I.D. Sarrieri : " Body Up - Mihaela Radulescu ".

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