Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monica Columbeanu

Monica Gabor was born on January 8, 1988 in Bacau, Romania. She is a famous Romanian model of young age. Monica Gabor Height : 5'8''/178 cm.

Biography and Career :Since she was a little child she has dreamt to become a famous model, but she never thought she would conquer Romania with her beauty at only 18 years old.Monica Gabor has been in the fashion industry since she was 16 and she casted from the beginning for the most important fashion designers in the country.Monica Gabor’s beauty was early discovered and recognized, she was considered since she was 16 one of the Romanian models with huge potential by the local designers.

Monica Gabor really became famous after the media had found out about her relationship with Irinel Columbeanu, a Romanian businessman, wel l known for his relationships with much younger women (he is 30 years older than Monica ).

Monica Gabor was voted the sexiest woman from Romania, in the FHM top and she became Top Model Romania in 2005. Even though the media considered that this title was bought by the wealthy businessman the facts have remained unchanged.Monica Gabor graduated high school in Bacau and the couple decided to get married.Not only because she is young and beautiful, but also due to her special relationship with Irinel Columbeanu, Monica Gabor's success has increased fast lately.Monica Gabor has her own Tv show on B1 TV and it brings her exactly the promotion she needs.

- Monica Gabor moved out from Bacau to Bucharest to share her life with Irinel Columbeanu.- Monica Gabor passed the French oral bac exam with maximum mark.

- Even though Monica Gabor neglected school she handled pretty well the graduation exams.- After she met Irinel Columbeanu she had a silicone implant done.

- In January 2007 she gave birth to her first child Irina.

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