Monday, April 27, 2009

Ionut Iftimoaie

Ionut Iftimoaie is a Romanian fighter. He is the only Romanian who fights in K-1. He was a boxer, but he preferred kickboxing and began fighting in the Romanian K-1 circuit(Lokal Kombat). He had his first fight at Lokal Kombat 7, in August 2004 and he beat Ivica Perkovic. He fought in K-1 Italy 2005 and he became the first Romanian to fight in K-1. He reached the semi-finals, but his leg was injured and he failed to finish the fight against Freddy Kemayo. He fought many big names of K-1, including: Alexander Ustinov (draw), Josip Bodrozic (win by decision), Sergei Gur (win by decision), Petar Majstorovic (win by decision), Freddy Kemayo(lost by TKO in first fight and win by decision in second fight).Ionut Iftimoaie vs Ivica Perkovic(CRO)- Ionut by decision(Lokal Kombat 7, 11 August 2004) Ionut Iftimoaie vs Stephane Reveillon(FRA)- Ionut by TKO, round 1(Lokal Kombat 9, 11 September 2004) Ionut IFtimoaie vs Josip Bodrozic(CRO)- Ionut by decision(Lokal Kombat 11, 10 December 2004) Ionut IFtimoaie vs Andre Tete(BEL)- Ionut by decision(Lokal Kombat 12, 11 February 2005) Ionut IFtimoaie vs ALexander Ustinov(RUS)- draw(Lokal Kombat 16, 16 September 2005) Ionut IFtimoaie vs Freddy Kemayo(FRA)- Ionut by decision(Lokal Kombat 18, 16 December 2005) Ionut IFtimoaie vs Wojciech Jastrzebski(POL)- Ionut by KO, round 1(Lokal Kombat 19, 10 March 2006) Ionut IFtimoaie vs Sergei Gur(BLR)- Ionut by decision(Lokal Kombat 21, 2 August 2006)

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