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Costi Ionita

Costi Ionita was born on January 14, 1978 in Constanta, Romania. He is a famous Romanian singer.

Biography and Career :

When he was a kid he was one of the bad boys in the neighbourhood and he received a lot of complaints from other childrens' parents because Costi used to argue with them and sometimes fight.

He likes sports a lot and he used to practice martial arts, tennis, basket, swimming and others.

Costi Ionita studied at Scoala de Muzica si Arta (Music and Art School) from Constanta and after that he attended the Informatics High School but without quitting his musical career studying at "Scoala Populara de Arta" - The Popular Art School. He used to play accordion and he loved the Romanian folklore.

When he was 12 he was a vocalist for "Taraful Clubului Elevilo r din Constanta" and they visited a lot of European countries like : Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, France for some live concerts.

When he was in the 9th grade in high-school he had a tour in Japan, where he represented Romania at an International Peace Congress.

In 2001, Costi Ionita went to London where he met some international producers like Rod Stewart and Robbie Williams.

After finishing high-school he formed Valahia band together with his friend Dorin and their hit was Banii si Fetele.

Costi Ionita got his own studio and formed a lot of Romanian bands like : Exotix - the first Romanian power-girls band.

Costi Ionita changed his music style and started to collaborate with a lot of manele singers like : Adrian Copilul Minune, Florin Salam, Liviu Guta etc.

Quotes :

- I've had a beautiful childhood and I want to thank to my parents because they took care of me;
- I don't sing for awards; they don't impress me much. I sing from my heart with a lot of passion and I do it for my fans. The most wonderful thing in the world is when your fans are besides you.

Trivia :

- Has green belt in Karate Shotokan
- His mother is a chemistry teacher
- He sang duet with Adi de Vito called "Of, viata mea" (English Title : Oh, My Life)

Discography - Albums :

- 2005 "Costi & Florin Salam"
- 2005 “Garantat Costi - Muzica autentica inspirata din realitate”
- 2003 "Costi Ionita si Liviu Guta"
- 2002 "Juraminte si suspine”
- 2002 “Nopti si zile”
- 2001 "Dr.Costi”
- 2001 “Play”
- 2000 Costi Ionita&Adrian Copilul Minune “Autoconcurenta”
- 2000 Costi Ionita &Adrian Copilul Minune “Fara Concurenta”
- 2000 Costi Ionita&Vali Vijelie “La marele fix”
- 1999 Costi Ionita “Viata mea”

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