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Vali Vijelie

Vali Vijelie (real name Valentin Rusu) is a famous Romanian manele singer.

Biography and Career :

He discovered his passion for music when he as 11 years old and his father bought him an accordion and sent him to his cousin to learn how to play with it.

Vali Vijelie was discovered by "Nicu al lu' Dorel" who gave him the nickname "Vali Vijelie" being a cousin of Mircea Vijelie (a famous musician). His cousin, Mircea Vijelie was the person who introduced him in manele music production.

When he was only 14 years old his father sent him to a wedding to sing and entertain the people together with his cousins. The wedding was in Padureni village (sometimes called Gastesti). One of the musician was Gheorghe a lui Bosorogu'.

When he was 15 years old he used to sing with a lo t of famous musicians like : Neluta Neagu, Leonard, Hantu and others. His favourite song was : "Printisorul".

Compared with Ozzy Osbourne sometimes, Vali Vijelie started his career singing at different parties and weddings. He loves music and when he sets to music his songs he does it with passion, that is why he has a lot of fans not only in Romania but all over Europe.

Many of his albums are published through "Casa de productie Autentic Music" from Romania.

During his career, has collaborated with a lot of manele singers such as : Adrian Minune, Costi Ionita, Florin Salam, Adi de la Valcea etc.

Due to his popularity and his talent, he was invited to produce a Tv Series on Prima Tv named "Aventurile familiei Vijelie" ("The Adventures of Vijelie Family" - English Title). This Tv Series got rapidly a high audience and his number of fans continued to rise.

Vali Vijelie respects and loves his fans a lot that is why he promises a lot of surprises for them before each album's publication on the market.

The happiest moment in his life is when he moved in a new house together with his family.

His lifestyle is without prejudices and he is a real professionist dedicating his life to music.

Vali Vijelie's ideal in life is to be as famous as the popular singers were before the Comunist Empire from Romania.

In Romania, there is a lot of people who contest their music genre but besides them there are others who consider manele music and Vali Vijelie's music real poems of life.

Quotes :

- "There are songs which will become hits and the ones who are going to buy the album will have a lot of surprises." - Referring to one of his albums

- "I'm a superstitious and faithful person."

- "When I sing love songs, I sing it with passion because the audience must discern the message well and live the moments truly."

Trivia :

- The word "vijelie" means storm in Romanian.
- Hobbies : cars, women, clothing
- He likes playing Ping-Pong

His album with Adi de la Valcea is named : "De Nepretuit" and it contains the following songs :

1. Vali&Adi - Aseara te-am sunat
2. Vali - Doar amintirea
3. Vali&Adi - Am fost un om sarac
4. Vali - Aud o voce
5. Adi - Nu sunt baiat de bani gata
6. Vali&Adi - Unde esti tu sunt si eu
7. Adi - Numai Dumnezeu
8. Adi - Joc mereu la cazino
9. Vali - Ce inima ai avut
10. Adi - Icoana sufletului meu
11. Vali - As pleca

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