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Florin Salam

Florin Salam (also known as Florin Fermecatorul) is a famous Romanian manele singer.

Biography and Career :

Like many other manele singers from Romania, Florin Salam started to be a star singing at weddings, parties and other private celebrations.

In Romania manele musicians are called "manelisti". Romanian intellectual class considers this kind of music being inspired from other people music and they also think it incite to subculture even it is one of the most disputed music genres in Romania.

During his career he collaborated with a lot of Romanian singers like : Costi Ionita, Vali Vijelie, Nicolae Guta, Daniela Gyorfi etc.

In 2006, Costi Ionita produced a movie inspired from Indian movies, where the dialogues between characters were interrupted by musical moments. In this movie Florin Salam got the role of a bad brother who was having a lot of bad entourage.

One of his best selling albums was named “Doar cu tine” and it is a collaboration with Costi Ionita. This album was sold in over 40 000 pieces and it was produced in Constanta, where Costi Ionita has his own musical studio.

Florin Salam and other manele singers from Romania have created their own fashion style : they wear very tight T-Shirts, Tight white pants or jeans, white sneakers or expensive shoes and they wear exaggerated gold jewelry. They also prefer luxury cars like Mercedes S-Klasse or Bmw because they like to show off.

Florin Salam sings passionately and he started when he was 4 years old. He took his father's accordion and played at it for hours.

Quotes :

- " My parents have always supported me. They've seen music is my passion and they've shown me the right path in life."
- " There is a popular saying : If there is no one to envy you, it's like you don't even exist. "

Top Tracks :

1. Vreau sa beau sa ma fac manga
2. V-am facut-o, Am facut-o
3. Vin dolarii
4. Cerul plange ca azi ne despartim
5. Toate clipele frumoase

Albums :

Florin Salam si Invitatii Sai (Florin Salam and Guests - English Title) :

1. Florin Salam - As renunta la tot
2. Petrica Cercel - Aseara ne-am certat
3. Dorel de la Popesti - Fac metrii cubi de bani
4. Narcis - Iubire mincinoasa
5. Gina Lincan - Viata merge inainte
6. Stefan de la Barbulesti - Minune de copilas
7. Elvis - Toate visele
8. Adrian Minune - Stau si plang
9. Catalin Arabu - Eu sunt Barosan
10. Viorel de la Constanta - Prietenii mei
12. Vali Vijelie & Baboi - Sapte inimi nu au puterea
13. Florin Salam - Portugalia live

Trivia :

- In 2006 was he paid more than $7000 an hour to sing at parties.
- They've worked for the album "Doar cu tine" for about 8 months.
- He prefers clothes from Laura Olteanu (a Romanian designer)
- His uncle Nicu Salam was a famous musician too.

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