Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nicolae Guta

Nicolae Guta (full name Nicolae Lingurar) was born in Aninoasa, Hunedoara, Romania and he is one of the most famous Romanian "Manele" singers.

Biography and Career :

Nicolae Guta started to work for "CFR Romania - Petrosani" (The Romanian Train Transport Association) in a gipsy team workers, until all of them got fired.

He says they used to work hard with their hands because the gipsies from Romania don't go to school too often... they have "the school of life".

After his first job he worked for "Regia Apelor Petrosani" for 8 years. One of his partners helped him to get a high ranked and qualified position there.

Before making music Nicolae Guta used to work 8 hours a day but he didn't like the job. Making music and singing to parties and weddings takes him a lot of t ime but this is the think he loves and he does with passion.

Immediately after 1989 when the Communism Empire disappeared Nicolae Guta started to sing party music which is called in Romania "Manele".

His debut was in Timisoara's restaurants and short time after he became the "King of Manele Music"

"Manele music" got more fans outside Romania and nowadays there are a lot of musicians that changed their styles to "Manele" because they are commercial.

Trivia :

- He's got one brother named Samir, known for his Old-Iron Business in Romania
- Both of them have built big houses in Iscroni, Romania.
- Nicolae Guta was named "Tha King of Manele" in 2005 and his friend Adrian Copilul Minune "Adrian the Wonder Boy" was named "The Emperor of Manele".
- The King of Manele has 2 daughters and 2 sons.
- Nicolae Guta has over 50 Manele Music Albums.

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