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Teo Trandafir

Teo Trandafir was born on June 2, 1968 in Pitesti, Romania. She is a famous Romanian TV hostess.

Biography and Career :

When she was 8 years old, her uncle bought a TV and since then she felt in love with television.

Teo Trandafir loved entertainment transmission, she admired Margareta Pislaru a famous Romanian singer.

Teo Trandafir graduated Faculty of Foreign Languages – English and Arabian Language.

Teo Trandafir started her career in 1994 at Antena 1 and in 1996 she started her collaboration with Pro Tv. Teo Trandafir is famous due to her transmission named "Teo", started in 2001. Teo Trandafir has a strong personality, she is an ambitious and full of energy.

Teo Trandafir collects lighters and she has a passion for mobile phones, binoculars and field glass .

In her collaboration with Pro Tv she hosted many tv shows :

1. "Teo"
2. "Bilet de vacanta"
3. "5 saptamani in balon"
4. "Vine Teo"
5. "Teo si vedete cu sacu’ "
6. "Teo si Andi"

Quotes :

- "Better healthy and rich than poor and sick"

Trivia :

- She admires loyal people;
- She likes shopping;
- She admires the brave women;
- Teo Trandafir speaks English and Arabian fluently
- She likes Vita de Vie and Zdob si Zdub bands

Awards :

2003 - Cea mai buna emisiune de divertisment ( CNA )

- Cea mai populara vedeta de divertisment ( Tv Mania )

2004 - Transformare de stil ( Pantene )

- Cea mai populara vedeta de televiziune ( Tv Mania)

- Cea mai simpatica mamica ( Tv Mania)

- Premiul Pro

2005 - Cea mai populara vedeta de divertisment ( Tv Mania)

- Premiul de popularitate ( Beau Monde)

2006 - Discul de Aur pentru "Cutiuta Muzicala" ( MediaPro Music)

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